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It is easy to Copy Link when you use social Share button right on video, or in browser address bar.
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Qdownloader doesn't need any registrations or some kind of monthly subscription, no, this is a free for all website that operates under one simple guideline - help people from all over the world get unrescricted access to Youtube videos platform while acting as man-in-the-middle, allowing to unblock any country geo-blocks, as well as helping with multiple video conversion formats. Nothing else, nothing more. And so Qdownloader presents best in class Youtube to MP4 converter and file downloader. Easy, fast, secure work environment, safe website, no limits on downloads, no tracking, no monitoring, do what you like and respect others who use this site, don't over do or test limits.

Download Youtube video as MP4 file using Qdownloader:

Download all formats & sizes of Youtube to video file

We support MP4 for the day-to-day downloads of Youtube videos. But also provide support of 3GP, WEBM, MKV, M3U8, FLV, and many other formats, depending on the social network, or other source. We can help download videos from Youtube by the playlist, meaning if you copy Yt playlist page link and submit it into our form, we will print out the list of all videos in the playlist, allowing you to choose some to download as MP4 file format.


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Download Youtube videos with style using our own official web-based app. Click on the button to install it, then use it as a normal native app on your device. This definitely works on Android and Windows platforms, including others. It's free, no updates ever needed, perfect app, if you ask our opinion.

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This is a bookmarklet or a shortcut, as some may call it. To save it - drag and drop it to your bookmarks, to use it - press the bookmark you created when watching Youtube video. You will instantly find yourself here at Qdownloader, and video URL will be in the entry form, so no Copy-Paste for you.

FAQ // Questions and the Answers

What video file formats are supported?

We offer MP4 by default, for the rest it's usually WEBM, MKV, WMV, AVI, MPEG, maybe other formats specific to each media outlet/source like TS or 3GP.

How to download Youtube on Android or iPhone?

  1. Tap video Share button then Copy Link option to save link to clipboard
  2. Open Qdownloader and insert link to the entry form, submit with Download button
  3. Wait a moment for MP4 converter options, select the size or format other than MP4, and download file
  4. Use free WIFI for downloading files. Longer MP4s can be quite large in size, don't use up your mobile monthly data.

How to download Youtube to MP4 fast?

  1. Copy video URL from Youtube app, don't use our search as it slows things down
  2. Open qdownloader and submit URL by inserting into the form, press Download.
  3. Now select video file format and size, and convert Youtube and download file to your device.

What other sources can download MP4 from?

We can help download videos to MP4 from social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, video sites Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Aparat, and hundreds of other websites. Just submit video URL and you'll know if we support that video source.

Can I convert whole Youtube video playlist to MP4?

Yes, copy the playlist page URL address (use social Share button), and we will help you convert each video included in the playlist to video MP4 file.

Do you have maximum daily usage amounts?

No. There are no limits on daily, hourly or weekly MP4 conversions and downloads. No signup, no registration, all absolutely free.