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Download Youtube videos with Qdownloader

Hi, welcome to Qdownloader. Here you can download videos from Youtube and many other websites and social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, etc. It is very easy to use this website, just look for the instructions below on how to use Qdownloader. This is the best Youtube video downloader online, we have many features that simply make competition go bye-bye. Try Qdownloader and you will always return afterwards for the ease-of-use and rich functionality.

How to download Youtube videos using Qdownloader:

Download Youtube playlist videos to mp4 & mp3

These are some of the formats in which you can download videos from Youtube playlist. Simply follow the normal instructions - copy Youtube playlist URL, then insert it into the form and submit to Qdownloader. We will scan the playlist and present it back to you, so you can decide video by video if you want to download to MP4 or convert to MP3. Easy process, works on playlist from other sites, such as Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, Instagram and Reddit multi-video posts, etc.


Qdownloader's official app

Add to Home Screen

Download Youtube videos with style using our own official web-based app. Click on the button to install it, then use it as a normal native app on your device. This definitely works on Android and Windows platforms, including others. It's free, no updates ever needed, perfect app, if you ask our opinion.

Works faster with bookmark

Download Mp4

This is a bookmarklet or a shortcut, as some may call it. To save it - drag and drop it to your bookmarks, to use it - press the bookmark you created when watching Youtube video. You will instantly find yourself here at Qdownloader, and video URL will be in the entry form, so no Copy-Paste for you.

FAQ // Questions and the Answers

Do you have limits on usage?

No. There are no limits on daily, hourly or weekly usage. No signup, no registration, no fees, all absolutely free.

Can I download whole Youtube video playlist?

Yes, give us the playlist page URL address, and we will help you download each video (or audio) included in the playlist.

What video sources work to download?

Save videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Aparat, and hundreds of other sites and social networks.

What media formats are supported?

We offer MP4 and MP3 by default, for the rest it's usually MKV, WEBM, M3U8, AAC, M4A, and dozens of other formats specific to each source.

How to download Youtube videos fast?

  1. For fast results - copy video URL from Youtube app, don't use our search as it slows you down.
  2. Open qdownloader and send us video URL by inserting into the form and hitting Download button.
  3. Now select video format and size, and download file to your computer or cloud.

How to download Youtube on Android or iPhone?

  1. Use video Share function to Copy Link to clipboard
  2. Open Qdownloader and insert video link into the form, submit form
  3. wait for download options, select the one you like and download file
  4. Best to use free WIFI. Video files are large and may take all of your mobile monthly data.